The action test as it appears during the game

The action test is a game mechanic that takes place when a spy attempts most spy actions. The spy's skill at the action test determines how effectively the spy performs the action.

Description Edit

When the action is started, a horizontal bar will appear on the screen. Most of it is red, part of it is white, and inside the white section is a green mark. A slider will start at the left side of the bar and start moving towards the right. At any time during the action test, the spy may click the right mouse button or press B on their controller. The color of the bar at the slider's position at that moment determines the result of the action test. In order to ensure that action tests rely on conscious reactions rather than muscle memory, the placement of the white and green sections are randomized.

If the slider stopped on the green mark, the spy gets the most desirable result. White is considered "normal", and red is least desirable. The better the action test, the more subtle, quick and/or effective the spy will be in performing the action. If the spy allows the slider to move over the entire bar without stopping it, the action test is said to be ignored, and has the same result as a white action test. If the spy moves while the action test is running, the action is cancelled, often with some sort of penalty for the spy.

Effect by Action Edit

An action test can have the following effects on spy actions; see the action's corresponding article for details:

Action Green White Red Cancelled
Contact Double Agent no talk animation and contacts immediately talk animation and contacts a bit later talk animation followed by a contact directly followed by a cough 1 cough if white before Banana bread is uttered, 2 coughs if after, 3 coughs if red.
Fingerprint Ambassador[1] prints lifted n/a prints ruined (Only possible at statues) prints not lifted and the statue is dropped with a "clang"
Inspect Statues fast normal slow statue dropped with a clang
Purloin Guest List[2] completed by the next NPC that takes a drink normal list blinks crashing sound
Seduce Target flirt more effective (1.5 times better than white) normal flirt target leaves nothing happens
Swap Statue completed by the next NPC that picks the statue up (fast fade) normal (slow fade) statue morphs several times statue dropped with a clang
Time Add time dilates for sniper time adds immediately time adds immediately with beep cancelled, with a beep
Transfer Microfilm transfer is very subtle transfer is less subtle transfer is sloppy cancelled, arms wave

Example of Results Edit

Transfer Microfilm All Action Tests

Transfer Microfilm All Action Tests

The video to the right illustrates the differing results for the action test for removing or planting the microfilm. The green result is on the left, white is in the middle, and red is on the right.

Background Edit

The action test mechanic was borrowed by Chris Hecker from Gears of War, where it was called an "active reload."[3] The significant difference between SpyParty's action test and Gears of War's active reload is the random placement of the "good result" on the timing bar.

  1. Fingerprint Ambassador has no action test unless exactly one NPC has touched the fingerprint-bearing object before the spy can get to it. The action bar has only green and red sections; the white section is absent. The results of cancelling the action depend on the object held. See the mission article for details.
  2. The action test only occurs when Toby is acting as a waiter. When he acts as a bartender, there is no action test.
  3. SpyParty Blog: How I Celebrated the IGF Nomination
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