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The ambassador (amba for short) is a cast member at the party. Both the spy and the sniper can identify them by the purple triangle over their head. During game setup, the spy can select which character fills the role of the ambassador.

Missions Edit

Main articles: Bug Ambassador, Fingerprint Ambassador

In the Bug Ambassador mission, the spy must plant a listening device on the ambassador. The Fingerprint Ambassador mission requires the spy to lift the ambassador's fingerprints from an object they recently handled.

Personal Space Edit

The ambassador is the only partygoer that cares about their personal space being violated. When someone stands close to them, a personal space meter (visible to the spy as an orange meter in the mission status area at the upper-left) will begin draining. After 6 secs with someone touching their circle underneath them, the ambassador will immediately cut short whatever they are doing (interrupting their current animation) and leave. If they're inspecting a statue or reading a book, they'll put it down first before immediately leaving.

Briefcase Edit

The ambassador carries a briefcase. Every so often, the ambassador will put the briefcase down somewhere and accidentally leave it behind. (They will always put it down and forget it when visiting a statue or a bookcase.) When the briefcase is placed on the ground, a temporary circular pad forms around it, outlined in green. If the spy leaves the briefcase alone, a helpful NPC will pick it up and return it to the ambassador. All characters hold the briefcase with their right hand.

NPCs display particular behaviors when it comes to the briefcase (a very good article can be found here):

  • An NPC that has decided to pick up the briefcase will not do any other activities until they either return it to the ambassador or give up.
  • An NPC will wait until the ambassador leaves the briefcase pad before moving to pick up the briefcase.
  • As soon as someone picks up the briefcase, any NPCs that are heading for it will immediately go somewhere else.
  • There is a short delay before and after the NPC picks up the briefcase.
  • An NPC attempting to return the briefcase will walk towards the ambassador until they can see them, at which point, the ambassador's activities may cause them to change their mind (see below).
  • If an NPC is attempting to return the briefcase and sees that the ambassador's right hand becomes occupied (because they're reading a book or holding a statue), they will stop, put it back down, and go do something else.
  • If the ambassador leaves their current pad and goes somewhere else within sight of the NPC returning the briefcase, the NPC may choose to follow them, freeze until they stop, or give up and put down the briefcase.
  • An NPC that puts the briefcase down instead of returning it will not choose to pick it up again for a limited time.
  • NPCs typically approach the ambassador from behind to return the briefcase, though they can do so from any angle. Once they're close enough, they stop momentarily, then the briefcase "teleports" into the ambassador's hand. After another momentary pause, the NPC will then choose a new goal.

The spy can pick up the briefcase by standing within the temporary pad around it, then selecting the action to pick it up. They can then put it back down, or stand near the ambassador and return it. Because NPCs don't undertake other activities while attempting to return the briefcase, a spy that attempts any action while holding the briefcase other than trying to return it or putting it back down risks getting shot. Picking up the briefcase affects the spy's ability to accomplish missions (because their right hand is occupied):

Can't perform:

Options limited:

  • Bug Ambassador: Can only bug with the left hand
  • Fingerprint Ambassador: Can't get prints from a statue or a book not already held. Enables getting prints from the briefcase if two NPCs haven't already touched it since the ambassador last handled it.


It was originally intended that a mission would involve stealing plans out of the briefcase, but this has not yet ended up in the game. It is unknown if this is still planned for a future release.

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