Missions Features
Bug Ambassador  
Purloin Guest List Toby is a waiter
Seduce Target 1 conversation circles
Contact Double Agent 0 suspected double agents
Transfer Microfilm 0 bookcases
Swap Statue 0 statues
Inspect Statues 0 statue inspections
Fingerprint Ambassador 2 fingerprints
Special map features
Quickplay hash: 0xb8891fbc

Floorplan under Venues in The Dossier


The old art style version of Balcony

Balcony was one of the first two maps added to SpyParty, the other being Veranda. Balcony is a small map, and is noted as "a potential deathtrap for the spy," presumably due to its size, which does not easily accommodate many guests. The sniper will not see any partygoers marked as suspected double agents on this map. A single conversation circle occupies most of the map's area.

Because there are fewer missions available, and spies are likely to avoid ones with hard tells whenever possible, snipers need to watch for more subtle clues to the spy's identity. The single conversation circle can help with this. For example, the first person to speak is less likely to be the spy, and the second person is more likely, because they will often wait for the seduction target to enter the circle so they can get their first flirt. Characters that enter the conversation circle and leave again without talking are also unlikely to be the spy, since doing so wastes a flirting opportunity.

Mission Specifics Edit

  • Bug Ambassador: As it is very small and there's nowhere for the spy to hide, Balcony is possibly the hardest map for performing the bug.
  • Contact Double Agent: Ideally, the spy should only utter "banana bread" when all partygoers (or all except the ambassador) are in the conversation circle. This will ensure that the sniper cannot lowlight anybody. As this map is typically played with few partygoers, one lowlight is significant progress for the sniper. With only one conversation circle, the spy typically won't be "chasing" the double agent around.
  • Transfer Microfilm: The mission is not available due to the absence of bookcases.
  • Swap Statue and Inspect Statues: The missions are not available due to the absence of statues.
  • Seduce Target: There is only one conversation circle, and it usually contains almost every partygoer. It is quite likely that the spy will need to leave and re-enter the circle to continue flirting, although sometimes the target will leave and return on their own, allowing the spy to stay where they are.
  • Purloin Guest List: The sniper's high viewing angle and the map's small size make it difficult for the spy to purloin successfully. Against an experienced sniper, anything less than a green action test is almost guaranteed to get the spy shot.
  • Fingerprint Ambassador: 2 fingerprints are required to finish this mission but they can only be obtained through drinks or through the briefcase directly. This is quite a difficult mission to do without the sniper noticing as the spy has limited time and most games will have no AI characters get 2 fingerprints.

Standard Quickplays Edit

  • Old School: Any 2/3, 7 guests, 2:00
  • New School: Any 2/3, 7 guests, 2:00
  • Old School (Old Balcony): Any 2/3, 7 guests, 2:00
  • New School (Old Balcony): Any 2/3, 7 guests, 2:00


Defunct: Modern

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