Build 1929 was the first update to SpyParty since the beta opened. It was released on April 21, 2012.

Release NotesEdit

Until I get the release notes in the game, I'm going to post them here.

This build was a lot of bug fixing!

  • hopefully fix dudes in menus bug
  • settings on match menu doesn't bail all the way to main menu on escape now
  • fix plants in ballroom, wasn't unmanaging plants on level deactivate
  • don't fade chat messages that come in when idle (>10 seconds no mouse/keyboard/gamepad input)
  • mouse wheel scrolls levels and characters
  • mouse lmb down stops rotate in preview mode
  • display the us vs them on spy screen, sniper screen, results screen, good for streaming!
  • away state and string in lobby status, prevent invites (although away people can invite!)
  • lobbyserver can send messages about shutting down before kicking everybody
  • fix ai controlled Spy not running all the different situations, now should be identical, wow, my beta testers rock!
  • escape to get settings will exit all the way back out
  • "The mouse stays in the picture."
  • don't display tooltip when switching to gamepad
  • allow movement and camera control with gamepad while chatting

Hopefully the build works, because it's late and there's nobody online to test it with me, and I'm going to invite more people in!