Build 1949 was set to succeed build 1929, but was plagued with issues upon release, so 1950-1953 quickly followed it. Build 1953 was released on April 27, 2012. Build 1953 was succeeded by build 1954.

Release NotesEdit

I uploaded 1949 and planned to go to sleep, but that didn't quite work out. Thank goodness nogon and segolectrick were online and live far enough away to find the stuttering problem 1949 and 1950 were afflicted with so the rest of you didn't have to experience it!

  • add cast characters to game setup events
  • add match results to game results screen
  • make game event timeline font a bit bigger so portraits are bigger...temp hack
  • add game events for mission selection and enabling
  • suspected double agents will never go to the same conversation group at the same time
  • don't crash if no multitexture
  • /whisper to somebody, they can whisper back even if you're afk
  • reply back to /whisper when person has disconnected
  • log edge case of disconnected while lobby waits for your side of the game result
  • true up sniper and spy machine top suspects, and make sort stable when same mark mode
  • send chats when people join/leave lobby
  • display game settings while spy waits for sniper accept
  • remove 1 known on balcony, add of 4,5 subsets on veranda
  • sniper accept game settings screen
  • hopefully slightly better time sync, although still not great
  • modal chat mode to prevent focus stealing
  • send chats to everybody who hasn't yet joined match completely
  • trying to fix the objects leftovers bugs (in menus, statue in levels, etc.)
  • be able to achieve more missions than needed
  • get rid of alpha in png screenshots
  • convert message box "both started as spy" to in game modal ui
  • change Target to Killed on results screen to avoid confusion with seduction target
  • better display of cleaning away/afk message
  • output username in chat log
  • show game type on spy machine
  • show selected but disabled missions for subset modes
  • fix any 3 of 4 on ballroom
  • better spacing on lobby message

Have fun and don't forget to regress any bugs I claim to have fixed!