Build 1970 succeeded build 1954 on May 1st, 2012. It was succeeded by build 1977.

Release NotesEdit

I was born in 1970, so this build has to work well.

  • mouse still works for camera while chatting during play
  • book stays in hand if move while putting before detach, credit given for ufilm transfer
  • fix all (?) the maximized & borderless settings
  • readme.txt describes overtime
  • setup program defaults to not run exe, but do show docs for newbs
  • better chat, darker, colors
  • nice message in lobby
  • add inviting to lobby list states, and add comma to "You, Away"
  • handle wrap on timer on server
  • kick people off lobby after 20 days, or 10 seconds connected but not joined
  • try to avoid saving and starting with bad window coords
  • setting for adding chat message on sniper accept screen for incurable web surfers
  • setting for displaying timestamps on chats
  • ctrl-pageup/dn moves by one line
  • ctrl-c copies current bottom line, ctrl-shift-c copies whole log (with timestamps if enabled)
  • don't save /mute setting across runs, seems like a bad idea
  • small font on settings chooser, now that we have a bunch
  • add p2p connection info to /fps
  • /mute support to block chats popping up and beeping (still in history)
  • invalidate /reply and /retell users if they disconnect!
  • sort lobby list by state, secondary sort alphabetical on username
  • /whispers work to /away people, send the /away text the first time
  • version number in title bar

I await your measured feedback on the adjusted chat colors.