Build 1977 succeeded build 1970 on May 3rd, 2012. It was succeeded by build 1983.

Release NotesEdit

I'm really sorry about the disconnect thing that cursed us all since amateur programming error. Thanks to evolved and saurbaum for testing this one for me!

  • support shift-7 for euro keyboards to hit / for chat commands
  • more robust update when files are locked, like viewing the pdf manual while updating
  • slightly different beeps for lobby versus chat messages
  • draw book hit box thicker for easier viz
  • when sniper safety off, don't hit book through character
  • spypartyhelper asks for crash description before uploading
  • fix crash when user2user creds fail, not sure why they were failing, but buxx and hunter4hire crashed with this (trying to run multiple copies? something to do with the disconnect thing?)
  • output practice modes into log, trying to figure out occasional crashes
  • don't overlap lobby chooser with "remember" text at default res
  • pull chat forward compared to everything, finally should be readable!
  • don't wipe stats on precision disconnect, but do unregister player if inflight during disconnect
  • fix client and server disconnects due to erroneous unsigned timeouts, sorry about this one!

I must sleep.