Photo included with the release notes for build 1983

Build 1983 succeeded build 1977 on May 12th, 2012. It was succeeded by build 2056.

Release NotesEdit

The big thing here is fixing the bookshelf look area biases discovered by zerotka! The behavior at the bookshelves will probably need a bit of tuning after this, but I wanted to get rid of the exploit first. Image below of the before and after.

  • make courier give up on briefcase and not pick it again for a while
  • fix screenshot on non-multiple-of-4 window width
  • fix bookshelf look area biases - thanks zerotka!
  • push char vs. world path boundary back
  • different painting in ballroom
  • courier will put down briefcase on dispose event
  • still display missions when in ai mode
  • lobbyserver waits for unregistering clients and saving games to avoid some rare stats loss
  • more s/noob/newb/ in docs