Build 2079, also known as daugher of megabuild, succeeded build 2056 on July 4th, 2012. It primarily consists of bugfixes for issues introduced by megabuild.

Release NotesEdit

Mostly bug fixes to the bug fixes. But, some new book and NPCs can read when you're alone in a conversation...who knows how that's going to change things! I expect some NPCs to get shot by people who don't read the release notes. :)

  • can read book while alone in a conversation circle
  • /away tells how to set away message while clearing
  • if drink is drunk, actually kill the cycle, even it is sipped on blend out
  • prevent more sleazy bbread cancels
  • reset inspection state for practice mode correctly and fix array read
  • flash color on inspect and swap
  • fix pedestal bailing to be more robust for NPC swap
  • fix infinite loop if mashing reset on swap
  • sort inspecting statues by others first
  • mouse wheel down scrolls forward through actions
  • don't give the ambassador back the briefcase if you're not in range
  • unify pedestal and bookcase wait times
  • start maximized correctly if started from shortcut
  • use sniper camera dist/pitch/yaw as packet to fix minimize nan camera laser disappearance bug on minimize
  • robustify good swap npc behavior
  • put neighboring statues in inspect statue practice preview
  • fix bugs if good swapper in practice preview is next character in chooser
  • strip more stuff on single-line copy (timestamps, x:, etc.)
  • ctrl-v paste with first char / will attempt to make it a chat command
  • time out pings
  • turn on low level p2p packet logging when pinging or being pinged
  • clear the LastServing prop on everybody at init so Toby doesn't just sit there
  • unnecessary cleanup
  • fix walk animation to not have any forward translation built into it
  • blend in walk cycle slower if big turn at start
  • fix bugs when bailing
  • fix two pedestal crashes

I'm homing in on the Greeting and Accept networking bugs...the new /ping should help a lot on these.