Build 2104 succeeded build 2092 on July 20th, 2012.

Release NotesEdit

I'm particularly interested to see if this build fixes the connection issues, both the greeting and sniper accept ones, so if you have those, test them please!

  • downgrade fake signal priority and reset actions on contact
  • tune the blocking timer down on signal
  • latest valve libjingle, including pseudotcp packet size hack, maybe fix connection issues?
  • seduction at paintings
  • display potential flirt levels in bar, green if complete
  • output windows version to log
  • print number of highlights and lowlights if > 4
  • known 3 game type on ballroom
  • fix some minor mission selection bugs, switch from enabled to selected on sniper side
    • a side effect of this change is you can see cast characters in missions you have selected but not enabled, so for example, if you do Pick 3 of 4 and one of the 4 is Seduce Target, but you don't pick it, you'll still see the Target in the room...not sure how I feel about this yet
  • strikethrough unselected missions
  • record events for cast characters even if game picks them
  • fix crash bugs when inviting if in practice preview
  • make spy and normal action keys rebindable
  • better key rebinding docs in README.txt, and print_vkeys helper
  • disable menu highlights and tooltips and whatnot if in background

I don't know why I added Known 3 on Ballroom, except it was easy to do so and seemed like it might be an interesting alternative to Pick 4 of 5, probably harder because the Sniper can camp, though. Maybe impossible. I dunno.

Oh, and I also have the announcement mailing list set up, so this will be the first build I send out there too.