The term cast or cast member refers to NPCs with specific roles. They are (with their respective missions):

Any playable character can fill any of the cast roles. Characters are chosen at random by the game to be suspected double agents, although Balcony doesn't have a suspected double agent that can be seen by the sniper. All other roles are cast by the spy. Except for the Seduction Target, all characters are in the party. No character can play more than one role.

While sometimes referred to as cast members, Toby and Damon are specific characters rather than roles that can be filled by any NPC, and thus always have the same character model.

Strategy Edit

Casting choices may reflect the spy's personality and personal preferences, which introduces a bias that a savvy sniper can exploit. The sniper has an advantage if they know, for example, that the spy likes to play as one of the Danger Brothers. To eliminate this bias, many spies simply select the first (randomly chosen) character offered by the game for each role. While waiting for the spy to select the game options, the sniper can watch to see how long the spy spends casting roles; this can be an indication of whether or not the spy is consciously selecting their cast.

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