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Below are all the playable characters in SpyParty. Any of these characters can be selected as the spy or as a cast member. There are also two additional, non-playable characters not listed below: Toby and Damon. By default, old and new art styles cannot be mixed; new art style venues can only have new art style characters and old art style maps can only have old art style characters. There is a setting in the game options that allows you to mix styles, making all characters available on all venues.

New Art Style Edit

Except for the twins, these characters all have unique models and animations. They have not yet been officially named, although the internal names used in the code are given below, along with additional common nicknames given by the SpyParty community.

Image Name Internal Name Community Nicknames
A-small Mr. A Bond Walt Disney, Pencil 'Stache, Andrew Ryan
B-small Ms. B Emma Boots, Buns
C-small Mr. C Banker Taft
D-small Mr. D Morgan Cane, Morgan Freeman, Papa Danger
E-small Ms. E Beatrice Helen Mirren, Pearls
F-small Ms. F Alice Alice, Jockey, Pony-Tail
G-small Mr. G General General, Admiral
H-small Ms. H Michelle Oprah, Hair, Red Dress
I-small Mr. I Victor Wheels, Xavier, Turtleneck, Steve Jobs
J-small Ms. J Clara Queen
K-small Mr. K Samrath Sikh
L-small Ms. L Sibel Rocker, Leopard Print
M-small Dr. M Sam Plain Twin
N-small Dr. N Sam Bling Twin
O-small Ms. O Sofia Irish
P-small Mr. P Salvador Cowboy, Carlos, Slim, Tex
Q-small Mr. Q Danger Pink Danger, Salmon L. Jackson, Roker, Dorn
R-small Ms. R Danielle Mom, Teal
S-small Mr. S Dom Smallman, DeVito
T-small Ms. T Devi Orange, Orange Dress, Sari
U-small Mr. U Duke Duke, James Blonde, Blondo, Malfoy

Old Art Style Edit

All but four of these characters share a model with another character. Their names are parodies of either actual people or spy tropes.

Name Model type Nicknames
Alphonse "Snaps" McGee unique Snaps
Anna Klàvsky small female Purple Dress
Arnold Woods-Nicklaus generic male Plaid Jacket, Red Plaid
Brimsworth Buckswaggle, III unique Top Hat, Monopoly Man, Penguin
Clarice Sofia Mortgenstern small female Blue Dress
Cybil Disobedience small female Red Dress
Danger P. Jackson Danger Brothers Yellow Danger
Danger P. Jenson Danger Brothers Blue Danger
Danger P. Johnson Danger Brothers White Danger
Ether van Trawn generic male Blue Jacket, Blondo
Flawn Tabawt generic male Powder Blue Jacket, Sky Blue
Generalissimo Ritzini unique The General
Girta Schuhleder large female Brown Dress
Jim Bondo unique Bondo
John Revolta generic male Revolta, White Jacket
Mitchell S. Barney generic male Dark Blue Jacket, Barney
R. Blain Pembrookeberton generic male Yellow Jacket, Banana Man
Sue Veillance small female Plaid Dress, Green Plaid
Virginia Vulpes large female Orange Dress, OJ
Yvonne Pennyweather small female Green Dress, Polka Dots

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