Key Action
Enter, 'y', or 't' /say
'i' /whisper
/reply, /retell, '/' command
PageUp/Down, ctrl-PageUp/Down, ctrl-Home/End history
Escape hide/cancel
ctrl-v paste
ctrl-c copy first line
ctrl-shift-c copy entire chat buffer
Command Action
/joinroom /jr <room> join room if space
/help /? print command help
/win [x y w h maximixed borderless] modify window settings, or print them on no parms
/say /talk str publicly print "username says: str" in current default room
/stats /who /played /age /users [username] displays username's stats and info, if no username, brief stats for everybody
/emoteroom /er <room> str /emote str to any room you're in
/reply str reply to last person who whispered me
/time lobbyserver time and local time
/makeroom /mr "str1" str2 make room named str1 (must use quotes on str1) with description str2
/away /afk /dnd [str] displays str to anyone who whispers me, no str to cancel
/leaveroom /lr [room] leave room if not last room, all others if no room
/roominfo /rooms /ri /listrooms [room] print information about room, or list all rooms if no room
/lines num change chat window to num lines, no str print current
/retell str whisper to last person I whispered
/fade start end change old message fade time to start/end seconds, no str print current
/sayroom /sr <room> str /say str to any room you're in
/whisper /tell /message /msg <username> str private message to username
/ping pings peer to test network connection
/emote /me str print "username str"
/mute toggles chat message display and beeps (chats still accumulate in history)
/prof /fps /cpu basic technical info

Source: SpyParty version v0.1.2319.0 Help

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