Below is a list of SpyParty controls and keyboard shortcuts:

Spy Edit

Keyboard/mouse XBox controller Action
WASD keys left stick move
move mouse right stick rotate camera
left mouse button A normal action
right mouse button B spy action
mouse wheel (Q/E) shoulder buttons cycle through actions
Y invert Y axis
ESC back exit to menu

Sniper Edit

Keyboard/mouse XBox controller Action
WASD keys left stick move/zoom
move mouse right stick aim
Q/E shoulder buttons lean left/right
Shift (hold) click right stick release safety
Shift+left click right trigger shoot (while safety is off)
left/right mouse buttons left/right triggers high/lowlight person
ESC back exit to menu

In-game Edit

keys action
F5 Take a screenshot. Screenshots are saved in the same directory as replays and logs.

Chat Window Edit

keys action
Ctrl-PageUp/Down move by one line
Ctrl-C copy current bottom line
Ctrl-V paste
Ctrl-Shift-C copy entire chat log

Cast Selection Edit

keys action
Ctrl-R select cast randomly

Practice Mode Edit

keys action
Ctrl-M reset missions
Shift-M add time
Alt-Shift-M remove time
Ctrl-Shift-M reset missions and add time
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-M reset missions and remove time
Ctrl-Shift-U toggle UI

Replays Menu Edit

keys action
left click Load replay
right click Go to parent directory
Ctrl-click/Ctrl-M toggle marks (not persistent across runs)
Ctrl-Shift-M clear marks in current directory
Ctrl-Alt-M toggle marks in current directory
Ctrl-O open directory with selection
Ctrl-Shift-O open explorer with all marked files selected
Ctrl-R refresh current directory
Ctrl-Shift-Alt-N mark all files old (recursive)
Ctrl-Shift-R refresh entire replay hierarchy (toasting new and marks)
Ctrl-C copy current replay to clipboard (if chat window isn't up)
Ctrl-Shift-R refresh incrementally, keeping existing flags
Ctrl-Shift-Alt-R wipe all flags and refresh all files

In Replay/Spectation Edit

keys action
space/left click (not on a control) play/pause
number keys (1-6) select camera mode
Ctrl-S Toggle vertical/horizontal split-screen
Ctrl-M toggle mark
Ctrl-Shift-C casting mode (hide spoilers)
Ctrl-N next replay in current directory and sort
Ctrl-click play/pause button

or: Shift-Ctrl-mousewheel

replay speed control
Ctrl-Shift-U toggle UI
Ctrl-E create/edit/delete notes
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