Damon (right) watches over the party

Damon is a security agent at the party. Both the spy and the sniper can easily recognize him due to his distinct appearance and the grey triangle over his head. The spy cannot assume his role, nor can he be chosen for other cast roles. Damon always appears in old art style, even in new art parties, because no new art has yet been created for him (Chris Hecker the developer stated that Damon and Toby were not going to be changed until close to the final release).

Role Edit

Damon does not currently add anything to the gameplay, and does not interact with the spy in any way. When the game starts, he will immediately move to a specific location on the map and stay there. He will occasionally put a hand to the side of his head as if listening to comm chatter in his earpiece, but otherwise does nothing until someone is shot. Damon will then run over to the victim and stand over them.

Chris Hecker has indicated that he plans to introduce a new game mechanic that will involve Damon[1], possibly giving the sniper the ability to command him.[2]

One very unusual tactic is to hide from the sniper by standing behind Damon. This is only feasible on Library, where the sniper cannot strafe in order to get a better angle. However, while you're there, you can't get a whole lot done, and if the sniper does notice someone standing back there, it is pretty much certain to get the spy shot.[3]

Background Edit

Originally, the security agent was unnamed. Beta tester whitewolf posted a short story in the SpyParty forums in which the guard was called Agent Damon. Chris Hecker later reproduced the story on the SpyParty blog. It is believed that Damon's name was officially added to the game in build 1970 an undocumented change.

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