Fingerprint Ambassador is a mission in SpyParty.

Mission Description Edit

When the ambassador touches the briefcase, a book, a statue, or a drink; they will leave their fingerprints on it. The spy can then go take that object and lift the ambassador's prints from it. Getting fingerprints is easier if nobody has touched the object after the ambassador has put it down. If it gets touched once (including by the spy themselves) and put back down, and then is picked up by the spy, the prints will be partially ruined and it will be harder to lift them. If it gets touched twice, the prints will be obliterated.

Unlike a book or a statue, the spy can fingerprint the briefcase while walking. This is because standing still while holding the briefcase would constitute a hard tell.

Action Test Edit

If the spy is able to get to the object with the ambassador's prints before anybody has touched it, they can obtain a print without an action test. If it's been touched, however, the spy's results depend on an action test. This action test will not have a white section; only green or red tests are possible:

  • Green: The fingerprints are obtained.
  • Red/ignored: The prints are ruined.
  • Aborted: The prints are not lifted. If the object is a statue, it is dropped with a "clang" sound effect, just like with the Swap Statue and Inspect Statues missions, and the prints are ruined. Otherwise, the spy can try again with no penalty.

Spy Strategy Edit

Effective fingerprinting requires you to keep an eye on the ambassador, wait for them to touch an object, then swoop in and pick it up (preferably before someone else touches it). Drinks are the easiest: you can simply summon Toby to be sure that you get the drink next, and if you're willing to settle for a white action test, you can purloin the guest list at the same time. Statues and books have the advantage that you can see the ambassador head for the pad, which can give you a little more time to plan your move, and you can accomplish another mission at the same time. The briefcase is the least advantageous: the ambassador can set it down at any pad, and you can't accomplish any other missions while holding it without risking getting shot.

When taking the briefcase, it's generally best to start walking towards the ambassador and fingerprint on the way. Fingerprinting first may have you stationary long enough to call attention to yourself. Statues and books don't have this problem, but be wary of spending too much time: attempting to fingerprint a statue then inspect three times all at once will result in you spending too long at the statue pad. Also avoid going to a statue or bookcase pad while holding a drink you intend to fingerprint: NPCs finish off their drink quickly in order to take the statue or book, but you'll just be standing there doing nothing for too long.

Sniper Strategy Edit

To look for fingerprints, watch for the ambassador setting objects down and seeing who picks it up next. A person who twice picks up objects that can be fingerprinted is suspicious. Also watch for people who seem to stall a bit while holding an object that can be fingerprinted.

Map Specifics Edit

  • Balcony: Without statues or bookcases, the spy must pick up the briefcase or a drink to complete this mission.
  • Ballroom and Gallery: These maps have fairly average fingerprinting difficulty.
  • Courtyard: There are no books from which to lift fingerprints.
  • High-rise: This map features a large number of statues, increasing fingerprint opportunities.
  • Library: With such a wide play area and so many statues and books, this map tends to provide more opportunities to get fingerprints, and it will be harder for snipers to track it.
  • Moderne and Pub: These are the only maps where the spy can force the ambassador to provide a fingerprint opportunity (by delegating a purloin to them).
  • Veranda: This map has many statues and books, creating more fingerprinting opportunities. Additionally, it is hard for the sniper to watch the entire map. On the negative side, the ambassador can sometimes be quite far away, making it more difficult to get the fingerprint item before someone else does.

Background Edit

This mission was suggested on the SpyParty forums by beta tester virifaux.

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