Missions Features
Bug Ambassador  
Purloin Guest List Toby is a waiter
Seduce Target 2 conversation circles
Contact Double Agent 2 suspected double agents
Transfer Microfilm 2 bookcases
Swap Statue 4 statues
Inspect Statues 3 statue inspections
Fingerprint Ambassador 2 fingerprints
Special map features
Drinks not permitted outside (but NPCs sometimes bring them out anyway)
Quickplay hash: 0x28b3aa5e

Gallery is a SpyParty map. It is notable for being quite narrow and deep, resulting in a lot of cover from other partygoers, particularly at the back of the room. The sniper is obliged to zoom in more often to get a better view of what's going on inside; this can cause them to miss spy actions taking place right in front of them on the sidewalk.

It is also unique in that local liquor regulations prohibit alcoholic beverages outside the building. As a result, Toby will not go out on the sidewalk, making it impossible to purloin the guest list there. NPCs will usually not go outside while holding a drink, though they will occasionally break this rule.

As one would expect for a gallery, there are paintings and statues for the guests to view.

The entrance to the gallery is rather narrow, resulting in a fair amount of congestion for partygoers wanting to go in or out. This can make effective pathing difficult for the spy. It is advisable for the spy to attempt to time their trip through the door when there aren't as many NPCs moving through.

Mission Specifics Edit

  • Bug Ambassador: The map's depth and many partygoers in the standard quickplay provides significant bug opportunities for the spy. As the sniper's line of sight to the bookcases at the back of the room are often blocked by partygoers, an

    Floorplan found under Venues in The Dossier

    ambassador at a bookcase provides a good opportunity for the spy to pull up next to them for a bug. Bugging while looking at paintings is also quite doable, as the sniper will see you mostly in profile. A tricky spy can pull off a bug out on the sidewalk while the sniper is zoomed in on the interior of the building.
  • Gallery

    The old art style version of Gallery

    Contact Double Agent: The sniper can see two suspected double agents. There are only two conversation circles, and a lot of other pads for NPCs to visit. This makes it likely that the sniper can lowlight a significant number of partygoers when "banana bread" is uttered.
  • Transfer Microfilm: The two bookcases are both at the back of the map, which provides a lot of cover due to the map's depth and large number of partygoers in the standard quickplay. This makes it one of the easiest maps for performing this mission. However, the heads of tall characters (such as the Danger Brothers) are easily visible above the hustle of the gallery, making a white or red action test stick out. Marking books is also tricky.
  • Swap Statue: There are four statues lined up near the front of the gallery where they are clearly visible to the sniper. They are positioned such that someone holding a statue must face the sniper on two of them, and face away on the other two. A spy will likely prefer the ones where they face the back of the gallery so that their body will block the sniper's view of the statue.
  • Inspect Statues: Here a spy may prefer the pads that cause them to face the sniper, as it may attract less suspicion.
  • Seduce Target: The map's depth can sometimes make it difficult for the sniper to tell which characters are standing next to one another. In addition, the many paintings make it more common for the spy to be able to flirt without talking. However, the high traffic can sometimes make it difficult for the spy to navigate towards an uncooperative target, increasing the odds of getting shot for bad pathing. Note that in each of the two statue pairs, the spy can flirt with the target from the opposite pad.
  • Purloin Guest List: Due to local liquor laws, Toby will not go outside; the spy must be inside to purloin the guest list. The map's depth and many NPCs in the standard quickplay cause a lot of activity and cover inside the building, making it potentially difficult for the sniper to spot the purloin.

Standard Quickplays Edit

  • Street Art: Any 4/8, 21 guests, 3:30
  • Aesthetic Depths (Old Gallery): Any 4/7, 20 guests, 3:30


Defunct: Modern

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