A spy inspects a statue

Inspect Statues is one of the original six missions in SpyParty.

Mission Description Edit

This mission requires the spy to inspect a certain number of statues. The spy can see a box for each statue to be inspected next to the "Inspect Statues" mission label at the upper-left. To inspect a statue, the spy must first stand on the pad next to it and pick it up. Doing so requires two hands, so the spy cannot attempt this mission while holding an object. The spy will then have the option to inspect the statue they are holding or an adjacent statue. A circular meter under the spy's feet fills up until the inspection is complete, at which point one of the inspection boxes at the upper-left is filled in. The spy can then put the statue down, or immediately inspect another statue, if available. A speed bonus is applied for each inspection performed after the first before putting the statue down.

The spy cannot inspect an adjacent statue if it is held by an NPC. If an NPC picks up a statue while the spy is inspecting it, the inspection will fail.

Action Test Edit

When the spy chooses to inspect a statue, an action test will be given to determine how quickly the inspection occurs.

  • Green: The inspection is faster than normal.
  • White/ignored: The inspection is performed at the default speed.
  • Red: The inspection is slower than normal.
  • Aborted: If the spy moves while holding a statue, it will fall back to the pedestal with a loud clang, which is audible to both the spy and the sniper. There will also be an on-screen caption of the sound effect if the option to display it is enabled. If the statue is dropped while an inspection is in progress, the inspection will fail.

Spy Strategy Edit

Inspected statues will appear blue to you, but the sniper cannot tell the difference between an inspected and an uninspected statue. Statue swapping is often performed in conjunction with the Inspect Statues mission, but you should avoid standing too long at a statue. NPCs won't hold a statue for more than two animation cycles. NPCs also always return to the "neutral" position (holding the statue at waist level in front of them) before putting the statue down). Make sure you do the same, or you'll make a sudden jerking motion while returning the statue to the pedestal.

Sniper Strategy Edit

Statue inspections can be difficult for the sniper to identify. If the spy makes a mistake, you'll hear a clanging noise or see a sudden interruption in their animation as they put the statue down, and you can safely shoot on these tells. Otherwise, the only clues you will have is a character spending too long holding a statue (more than two animation cycles) or visiting statues too often, which can be difficult to notice. Some snipers highlight all characters that visit a statue.

Map Specifics Edit

  • Ballroom: The two statue clusters are at right angles to each other, which can make it hard for the sniper to be able to get a good view of both sets at the same time, especially with the conversation circle blocking the view of the back set. Visiting the middle statue in a group allows the spy to complete all three inspections with a single statue visit.
  • Courtyard: There are four statues, one pair in each of the two alcoves in the center pillar, allowing the spy to get both inspects with a single statue visit. The pillar provides good cover from an oppositely-situated sniper.
  • Gallery: There are four statues lined up near the front of the gallery where they are clearly visible to the sniper. They are positioned such that someone holding a statue must face the sniper on two of them, and face away on the other two. Because a spy that is facing away from the sniper blocks the sniper's view of the statue, the sniper may suspect that a spy facing that way is attempting a statue swap. Therefore, an inspecting spy may prefer the pads which cause them to face the sniper to draw less attention. Three statue inspections are required, so the spy must do at least two statue visits to complete the mission.
  • High-rise: There are seven statues (two groups of two and one group of three), and from most vantage points only one group can be easily viewed at once. The map requires three inspects, meaning that there is only one statue pad out of the seven where the spy can accomplish all three inspects with one visit.
  • Library: The six statues are arranged in two groups of three, which are far enough apart that the sniper cannot view both groups at once. Because the sniper can only view about one third of the map at once, it is easier for the spy to visit statues without getting noticed. With three inspections required, visiting the middle statue allows the spy to complete all three inspections with a single statue visit.
  • Pub: There is a statue on each side of the bar, and only one inspect is required, making this a pretty easy mission to accomplish. The one on the left side of the bar is more difficult for the sniper to see.
  • Terrace: There are two pairs of statues on opposite corners of the map. Only two inspections are required on this map, and the spy may inspect two statues in a single statue visit to complete this mission.
  • Veranda: This map has eight statues, more than any other map. The four in the back (one pair on each side) are generally easier for the spy to visit unnoticed due to their relatively hidden position and the cover from people in the nearby conversation circle. However, the sniper can move over to get a much clearer side view if they want, at the expense of losing sight of almost everything else on the map. The four front statues (two at each corner) are much more visible to the sniper, and therefore more difficult to visit unnoticed. With three inspections required, the spy must perform at least two statue visits.

The Inspect Statue mission is not available on Balcony because this map does not have statues.

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