Modern was a SpyParty map. It was notable for being the first map released using the new art style. Gameplay-wise, Modern was nearly identical to Balcony, with the only differences being that the Double Agent was visible to the sniper (since there was only one suspect) and there wasn't a plant. When Balcony received its new art update, Modern was considered obsolete and was removed.

There was a variant of Modern called Double Modern which featured two conversation circles instead of one. With the introduction of Terrace at the same time as the new art upgrade of Balcony, Double Modern was considered obsolete as well and was removed.

Modern is the visual precursor to Moderne, but had more limited gameplay. The statues visible in the promotional image above were not present in the playable version; the right half of the map was cordoned off, making the bookcases unreachable; and Toby acted as a waiter rather than a bartender.


Defunct: Modern

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