Missions Features
Bug Ambassador  
Purloin Guest List Toby is a bartender
Seduce Target 4 conversation circles
Contact Double Agent 1 suspected double agents
Transfer Microfilm 3 bookcases
Swap Statue 6 statues
Inspect Statues 3 statue inspections
Fingerprint Ambassador 2 fingerprints
Special map features
Quickplay hash: unknown

Floorplan under Venues in The Dossier

Moderne is a SpyParty map that became available at the game's Steam early access release. It is a modification of the now-defunct Modern map. It is one of the maps (alongside Pub, Terrace, and Aquarium) to be released that has Toby in a bartender role.

Mission Specifics Edit

  • Transfer Microfilm: The red bookcase is at right angles to the other two, making it not easily visible from the same angles.
  • Purloin Guest List: This map uses the bartender mechanic instead of the waiter one. Getting a drink requires a partygoer to go to Toby at the bar instead of him coming to them.
  • Fingerprint Ambassador: In this map, Pub, Aquarium, and Terrace, the spy can force the ambassador to provide a fingerprint opportunity by selecting them as the delegate for a purloin.

Standard Quickplays Edit

  • Moderne Times: Any 5/8, 21 guests, 4:00
  • Moderne History: Any 5/7, 21 guests, 4:00


Defunct: Modern

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