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Ms. J is the temporary name of one of the new art style characters. She is an older woman with curly white hair. Her appearance is reminiscent of Queen Elizabeth II: she wears a purple dress with a purple blazer, a purple hat decorated with flowers, and pearl earrings and a pearl necklace. She also carries a large purple purse containing a teacup Yorkshire Terrier.

Due to her appearance, she is often referred to as "The Queen" by the SpyParty community. This has caused some consternation, particularly amongst Her Majesty's subjects, who find the resemblance uncanny enough that they feel some reservations about the prospect of shooting her. Internal game files call her "Clara."

According to Chris Hecker, the dog is modeled after Olive, a dog belonging to Alice, the girlfriend of John Cimino. (Ms. F is modeled after Alice herself.) However, the developer has nicknamed her Mawg, after Barf's species in the movie Spaceballs. After deciding that he didn't want players shooting Mawg, Chris decided to make it so that Mawg would duck into the purse when the sniper's laser nears her, joking that the purse is made of kevlar.


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