Ms. T is the temporary name of one of the new art style characters. She is of Indian heritage, and wears her long dark hair wrapped up around a teardrop-shaped ornament in the back. She wears an orange sari over a red choli. She wears white and gold teardrop jewelry, including a maang tikka, a necklace, and earrings, along with gold bangles. She also wears a small white teardrop shaped bindi jewel.

According to Jessica Conditt of Engadget, she is intended to be an updated version of Virginia Vulpes, more popularly known in SpyParty circles as "Orange Dress." or "Orange Sari." In the internal game files, she is called "Devi."

According to a post by Chris Hecker in the SpyParty forums, her preferred drink is shikanjvi, a type of Indian lemonade.


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