This page lists the various objects which which the spy can interact.

Books and Bookcases Edit

Characters can take books from bookcases. The spy will need to do this for the Transfer Microfilm mission, and may also be able to perform the Fingerprint Ambassador mission. To help distinguish them, each bookcase has a different color. To spies, books are always the same color as the bookcase from which they were taken. To the sniper, books always appear grey when in a character's hand.

Briefcase Edit

The ambassador carries a briefcase, and he or she will occasionally put it down and forget it. Characters can pick it up and return it to the ambassador. A spy holding the briefcase may be able to attempt the Fingerprint Ambassador mission.

Drink Edit

Toby offers drinks to the guests, either from his tray or from the bar depending on the venue. A spy may have the opportunity to lift the ambassador's fingerprints from a drink. Taking drinks is part of the Purloin Guest List mission.

Guest List Edit

The guest list can be found on Toby's tray (if he is a waiter) or in his pocket (if he is a bartender). Stealing it is one of the missions a spy can perform.

Painting Edit

Some venues have paintings on the walls, with pads where partygoers can stand and look at them. There are no missions specifically associated with paintings, although a spy can flirt with their seduction target at any pad and can request a drink to purloin the guest list if it is not a bar venue.

Statue Edit

Most venues have golden statues which guests can pick up and examine. Spies may do this to perform the Swap Statue and Inspect Statues missions. If the ambassador has recently touched the statue, the spy may also be able to lift their fingerprints from it. There are three different statue models: the Maltese Falcon, the Venus of Willendorf, and the idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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