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A pad is an area in a map where the spy can perform particular actions. Pads are visible to the spy as rectangular or circular outlined areas on the floor. Conversation circles pad types are blue. When the spy is inside a pad, it will be filled instead of outlined. When a spy arrives at a pad and stops, they will automatically turn to face the appropriate direction. Pads are not visible to the sniper.

Actions Available Anywhere (Even Outside of Pads) Edit

  • Bugging the ambassador or returning their briefcase is possible as long as the ambassador is near (and in the latter case, when the spy is holding the briefcase).
  • Fingerprinting an object is possible as long as the object is held. (However, you cannot fingerprint a statue outside of the statue pad as this will cause the statue to "clang".)
  • Reading a book is available as long as the spy holds a book, and removing/planting microfilm can be done while the spy is reading. Note that NPCs (almost) never read outside of a pad. In a conversation circle, it can only be done when the spy is alone in the circle.
  • When Toby is acting as a waiter, accepting/declining a drink and purloining the guest list is available when Toby offers the spy a drink, but he will only do so when the spy's left hand is empty.
  • Sipping/gulping a drink is possible as long as the spy holds a drink. Note that NPCs never drink outside of a pad except if they were giving the briefcase back.

Actions Available at Any Pad Edit

  • Flirting can be done as long as the seduction target is also on a pad (not necessarily the same one) and is close enough.

Pad Types and Their Associated Actions Edit

  • Conversation circle (main article): A special type of circular pad where partygoers tend to congregate and talk. If the double agent is in the circle, the spy can contact them; otherwise, they have the option to fake contact (only if the contact the double agent mission is active to the sniper). When the spy is not alone in the circle, they can "Begin Talking" (if nobody is speaking), "Interrupt Speaker" (if an NPC is speaking), or "Stop Talking" (if the spy is speaking).
  • Statue pad: A square pad located in front of a statue pedestal. A spy standing at this pad can pick up a statue in order to swap, inspect, or lift fingerprints from it, or inspect an adjacent statue (if it is not held by an NPC). Note that there are certain things that AI characters (except the Ambassador) never do with relation to statues and statue pads:
    • Entering a statue pad while holding the briefcase or a drink with more than one sip left (although it is possible if Toby offers a drink at the same time the character is entering the pad or if the seduction target was red flirted to).
    • Standing too long at the statue without picking it up.
    • Holding the statue for more than two animation cycles.
    • Interrupting an animation cycle to put the statue down.
    • Standing at the statue pad too long after putting the statue down.
    • Attempting to leave the statue pad without putting the statue down (a.k.a. clanking).
  • Bookcase pad: A rectangular pad located in front of a bookcase. Here a spy can remove a book from a bookcase (which will cause them to immediately start reading it), or return a book already held. Spies will frequently remove/plant the microfilm there too, though this can be done anywhere when the spy is reading. Most of the AI rules about statue pads also apply to bookcase pads, except that they can leave the bookcase while still holding the book.
  • Window pad: A rectangular pad situated at a window or map border, where partygoers stand and look out. A partygoer will sometimes check their watch there, and a spy can add time to the game clock, which exhibits the same animation.
  • Bar pad: When Toby is acting as a bartender, the bar will have these rectangular pads next to it. Standing in this pad allows a partygoer to request a drink from Toby. The spy must stand here to purloin the guest list. If they choose to delegate it instead, the delegate will have to go here to do so.
  • Painting pad: A rectangular pad situated in front of a painting. Painting pads offer no spy actions beyond those already available at any pad.
  • Briefcase pad: A temporary circular pad outlined in green that is created whenever the briefcase is placed on the ground. Standing in this pad allows the spy to pick up the briefcase. Apart from allowing briefcase actions, the briefcase pad doesn't really count as a pad; a spy can't flirt with the seduction target there, for example.

Strategy Edit

It is a common mistake by new spies to accidentally stop just short of a pad. Spies should not stop moving until the pad fills in, indicating that they are inside it. However, NPCs will stop momentarily outside a pad if someone takes their intended spot. Briefcase interactions can also cause NPCs to stop momentarily.

NPCs will typically pause for a moment when they first arrive at a pad and before leaving it. Acting immediately upon arriving at a pad or bailing immediately when you're finished can get a spy shot by an observant sniper.

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