Pub john-ps1
Missions Features
Bug Ambassador  
Purloin Guest List Toby is a bartender
Seduce Target 4 conversation circles
Contact Double Agent 2 suspected double agents
Transfer Microfilm 0 bookcases
Swap Statue 2 statues
Inspect Statues 1 statue inspections
Fingerprint Ambassador 2 fingerprints
Special map features
All conversation circles outside
Quickplay hash: 0x3b85fff3

The sign that hangs outside The Irene Adler

Pub is a SpyParty map, inspired by traditional London pubs. It is notable for having all its conversation circles outside on the sidewalk, and for being the first map released where Toby acts as a bartender instead of a waiter. The pub is named The Irene Adler, which is a reference to a notable character in the Sherlock Holmes short story, "A Scandal in Bohemia." Ms. Adler is held in high esteem by Holmes as a woman of intelligence and resourcefulness, and after his encounter with her is always referred to by the respectful title of the woman. It is also a reference to a well-known pub in London called The Sherlock Holmes.

Unlike most maps, Pub was not based off an old art map.

Mission Specifics Edit

  • Transfer Microfilm: The mission is not available due to the absence of bookcases.
  • Swap Statue: The statue on the far side of the bar is a little harder for the sniper to see than the one near the windows.
  • Inspect Statues: As there is only one inspect required, this mission is easier than on other maps. The statue on the far side of the bar is not quite as easy for the sniper to see as the one near the windows.
  • Purloin Guest List: This map uses the bartender mechanic instead of the waiter one. Getting a drink requires a partygoer to go to Toby at the bar instead of him coming to them.
  • Fingerprint Ambassador: In this map (along with Pub, Aquarium, and Moderne) the spy can force the ambassador to provide a fingerprint opportunity by selecting them as the delegate for a purloin.

Standard Quickplays Edit

  • Beginner Pub: Known 4, 16 guests, 4:00
  • Happy Hour: Any 4/7, 16 guests, 3:30
  • Rush Hour: Any 3/5, 10 guests, 3:30
  • And Be Merry: Any 4/7, 10 guests, 3:30


Defunct: Modern

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