A spy puts the moves on her target

Seduce Target is one of the missions in SpyParty.

Mission Description Edit

When this mission is available, the spy will select which NPC will be the seduction target. During the game, the spy can see a red triangle over the target's head, but the sniper cannot. The mission requires the spy and target to be standing within a certain distance of each other, at which point the spy must select the "Flirt with Seduction Target" action. Doing this fills the seduction progress meter displayed in the mission status area at the upper-left of the spy's screen. The more effective the flirt, the more the meter will fill. The mission is complete when the seduction meter is full.

Note that the seduce action will not be available if either the spy or the target is walking or is standing outside of a pad. The spy and the target do not have to be standing on the same pad, as long as they can see each other and are close enough.

Flirt effectiveness is controlled by two factors: the spy's proximity to the target and the results of the action test. The mission can be completed with only two flirts if the spy stands right next to the target and performs green action tests. If the spy stands on the opposite side of a conversation circle and performs white action tests, it will take around six flirts.

In a conversation, a flirt will be complete as soon as the action test is finished. In all other pads, the spy must wait a certain amount of time, shown by a progress meter just above the seduction meter, before the flirt is complete. The flirt will fail if either the spy or seduction target moves before the meter fills.

After a flirt, a cooldown timer begins, which is displayed as an orange meter just above the seduction meter. Until that timer expires, the spy cannot flirt again. The duration of the timer depends on the distance between the spy and the seduction target. Being in the same pad as the seduction target applies a penalty that slows down the cooldown timer. Leaving the seduction target's pad will start reducing that penalty; the longer the spy is out of the pad and the further the spy gets from the seduction target, the more the penalty will be reduced. The cooldown also drains faster if the target moves.

Action Test Edit

In a conversation circle, a talking animation will be displayed as soon as the action test begins. (Flirting in other pad types does not require talking.)

  • Green: The flirt is very effective, filling up to half of the seduction meter if the spy is standing right next to the target.
  • White/ignored: The flirt is less effective, filling up to a third of the seduction meter if the spy is standing right next to the target.
  • Red: The flirt fails, and the seduction target leaves the pad immediately.
  • Aborted: If the spy or seduction target moves before the action test or seduction timer finishes, the flirt will fail, but there is no other punishment.

Spy Strategy Edit

This is considered one of the easiest missions for a spy. Flirts can typically done with casual visits between other missions. However, experienced snipers may notice if you stand very close to a character more than once, or pursue them around the map, so you still need to be careful. Once you start flirting outside a conversation, wait for the seduction timer in the top left to fill before moving on. Avoid beginning to flirt immediately upon entering a pad; NPCs typically wait a little before talking.

The red action test can be used to frame the seduction target. For example, uttering "banana bread" in the same conversation circle as the seduction target and then doing a red flirt will cause the target to immediately leave the circle. To the sniper, this makes it look like the target is trying to quickly leave the circle to avoid being highlighted. Essentially, you will have caused the target to simulate a "banana split."

Doing a red action test is also useful if you want to flirt, but the seduction target is on the far side of the conversation circle. By red flirting, you force the seduction target to leave the conversation circle. You can then follow them to their destination and flirt with them there, since red flirts don't activate the flirt cooldown timer.

Sniper Strategy Edit

Catching the spy flirting with the seduction target is quite difficult, especially since you don't know the target's identity and there is no hard tell. However, there are some behaviors that may clue you in to the spy's identity. Because distance is a determining factor in how quickly the target is seduced, spies tend to stand very close to the seduction target, and must flirt with them at least twice. It is possible to watch suspects and see which characters they are standing close to, and use that to determine if the spy is going for a seduction.

A character that immediately starts talking when entering a conversation circle is also suspicious.

Map Specifics Edit

  • Balcony: There is only one conversation circle, and it usually contains almost every partygoer. It is quite likely that the spy will need to leave and re-enter the circle to continue flirting, although sometimes the target will leave and return on their own, allowing the spy to stay where they are.
  • Ballroom: There are many pads quite close together, including five conversation circles, making it fairly easy to get onto the same pad as the seduction target for flirting.
  • Courtyard: As with Veranda, there are many partygoers, making it difficult to keep track of who is being too friendly with whom.
  • Gallery: The map's depth can sometimes make it difficult for the sniper to tell which characters are standing next to one another. In addition, the many paintings make it more common for the spy to be able to flirt without talking. However, the high traffic can sometimes make it difficult for the spy to navigate towards an uncooperative target, wasting time and increasing the odds of getting shot for bad pathing. Note that in each of the two statue pairs, the spy can flirt with the target from the opposite pad.
  • High-rise: This map has many densely-packed pads, providing ample flirting opportunities.
  • Library: Like Veranda, the pads are widely dispersed. However, there are many partygoers, and the sniper can only watch a third of the room at a time, making it extremely difficult for a sniper to notice flirting.
  • Pub: All the conversation circles are outside, so most flirting will happen out there. Note also that the spy can flirt through the side window.
  • Veranda: The map's widely dispersed pads mean that an uncooperative target may cause the spy to chase them around the map. On the other hand, the large number of partygoers makes it exceptionally difficult to notice if two characters are standing close to each other frequently.
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